Trainings for developers

Our Computer Science PhDs and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists create and conduct training courses on: .NET platform, C++ and SQL Server.

Main benefits of participation in our trainings:
- thorough theoretical background
- practical experience of covered topics
- consulting your professional problems with trainer
- solving some of those problem during exercises

Currently we conduct following trainings:
- .NET Framework - object oriented programming in C# (1 day)
- .NET Framework - fundamentals: Windows Forms, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services, XML (3 days)
- .NET Framework - advanced: adv. Windows Forms, LINQ, concurrency, adv. ASP.NET + AJAX + Web Parts (3 days)
- Windows Presentation Foundation (1 day)
- Windows Communication Foundation (1 day)
- Windows Workflow Foundation (1 day)
- Composite Application Block (1 day)

- C++ - fundamentals: syntax, operators, pointers, classes (3 days)
- C++ - advanced: inheritance, virtual methods, RTTI (3 days)

- SQL Server - fundamentals: administration and usage (3 days)
- SQL Server - advanced: administration and usage (3 days)

We are open to create new trainings that meet specific needs of our Clients.

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Trainings for developers