From 10th to 14th  of March 2014 Profis@Work will take part in CeBIT 2014 in Hanover.
 At the end of 2013 Profis@Work established a long-term cooperation with companies: Sygnity SA and Connectis Ltd.
 In October 2013 the company's sales coordinator had the opportunity to establish business contacts with the entrepreneurs in the IT sector in Finland.
 During the period from June to October 2013 a Map of Innovation (RSI):  part of the system "Management, implementation and monitoring of the Regional Innovation Strategy of Silesia" for the Silesian Province Marshal's Office was made.
  At the request of one of Warsaw IT companies a mathematical model of water mains network was developed.
2013.04.08 The launch of the production of a software for calculation of VAT and CIT for one of the “Big Four” companies from.
 The company starts a new project for ELZAB SA - developing  machine subsystem used to measure the size of packages and 2D barcode recognition.
 At the request of the American tycoon, publisher of legal and business publications, Profis@Work has done design, consulting, and development services in software for generating web portals.
  Profis@Work commences development of a new system for
 Profis@Work has entered into an agreement with TWIG for the implementation of the CRM system.
 Profis@Work establish long-term cooperation with the French IT company.